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20130426-151757Links to Barn Quilt Resources:

So you want to paint a barn quilt? The best advice is to learn a bit about the history of barn quilts, then choose the size and type of board on which you will paint, select a quilt square pattern, gather your supplies and begin. It really is a simple process.

We’ve done a bit of research for you on all of the topics regarding barn quilts and barn quilt making. Click on any of the links below to learn what you need to know to get started. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you already have the skills to make a barn quilt. So, enjoy!

You Tube has many barn quilt videos:


Additional links to help you choose a design, learn the “How-To’s” of barn quilt painting and to see a number of barn quilt trails across the U.S.:

  • – Suzi Parron, author with Donna Sue Groves of Barn Quilt Trails and the American Barn Quilt Trail Movement, provides the most comprehensive background and history of barn quilts. Donna Sue Groves created the vision for and started the barn quilt movement in Ohio in 2001. If you want to see which states and counties have barn quilt trails, click on the interactive map on this site.
  • – A general guide to the supplies you need to create your own barn quilt
  • – A good sampling of unique barn quilts in Sac County, Iowa
  • – Over 300 barn quilts have been completed and hung in Shawano County, Wisconsin
  • – Also known as “Buffalo Gals,” this site offers glimpses of quilts in Kentucky
  • – An interesting trail runs in the western part of North Carolina – with pride!
  • – An easy to enjoy view of barn quilts in Minnesota’s Carver County
  • – Bright colors, both on the site and on the barn quilts in Garrett County, Maryland

A few of our favorite barn quilt trails in New York State:

  • Colton Barn Quilt Trail Located in St Lawrence County; began its barn quilt trail in 2015
  • – Also known for Jell-O, the Town of LeRoy is adding quilts to their existing 28.
  • – Located in upstate New York, Schoharie County began its barn quilt trail in 2011
  • – Founded in 2013, this trail in western Albany County is known as the Helderberg Trail

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