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CELEBRATING OUR HERITAGE…We look forward to seeing as many barn quilts as possible in the Hammond area.  The creation of all the ‘barn quilt blocks’ together is our Hammond Quilt!


Thank you for sharing your talents and your personal history by becoming a part of our trail and completing this form.                    

Hammond Barn Quilt Trail Application Form:
Please complete this application form for the Hammond Barn Quilt Trail brochure, map, and website and return it to Lisa Sarfaty, 62A Dake Circle, Hammond, NY 13646 or 

If you would like to be included in our next map and brochure, please send this in ASAP:



Email Address:_______________________________________

Quilt Title:__________________________________________


Please share a description, history, or significance of your barn quilt square in the space below.  For example, did you create your square to honor someone, or are there design elements which represent your family, heritage, or community. This information will be included on our website.

If Your barn quilt is not visible from the road, or you do not wish to be listed on the Trail Map, please complete this next section. A photo of your barn quilt will be included on the “Off Trail Barn Quilt Art” page on our website.

Name (optional):_____________________________________

Quilt Title:__________________________________________



The Hammond Barn Trail Committee and volunteers will not be held liable against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, and causes of action related to the Hammond Barn Quilt Trail.

Signature of Property Owner_____________________________ Date_________________



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