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New updated brochures/maps can be found at
our new Town Office building
The Iva Smith Memorial Gallery of Fine Art
The Blue Goose
The Hammond Historical Museum 
It is with great pride that the Hammond Barn Quilt Trail members
recently donated two barn quilts for the exterior gables of the new Town Office Building.
We hope you enjoy!
The compass design represents the main intersection in Hammond.
The four road directions and the four directions on the compass,
remind us of the width and breadth of our township.
It also represents a comforting welcome to visitors traveling from all directions.
Its main color is red- Hammond’s school color.
This design is a quilter’s interpretation of Hammond.
It uses traditional quilt block designs to represent a variety of sights within the township.
A starry sky settles over rolling fields, a sailboat glides past islands,
sunflowers grow like our annual “tallest sunflower“ contest.
Life on the farm and on river properties are joined by a colorful path.
This barn quilt reflects the colorful beauty of Hammond.


Welcome to Hammond’s Barn Quilt Trail —

Honoring Hammond’s quilting and agricultural heritage!

Barn quilts and barn quilt trails are the creation of Donna Sue Groves of Adams County, Ohio. Donna had long wanted to honor her mother’s skill and love of quilting and envisioned a sampler of quilt squares created along a driving trail that would invite visitors to travel through the countryside. This simple idea has since spread across the country by quilt guilds, civic groups, local arts councils and others who have been inspired to bring the beauty and community involvement of a barn quilt trail to their own communities.

Hammond’s trail grew out of conversations among some community residents starting in 2013, and began in earnest in July 2014, when the conversations turned into a commitment by a small group to the creation of the first barn quilt trail in St. Lawrence County. This committee made presentations to both the Town and the Village of Hammond Boards and was delighted to gain their support. Each Board voted to commission a barn quilt, and the Town made workspace available in the basement of the Town Hall for the quilt square painting to take place. We also presented the idea to the Hammond Museum and were very gratified to gain their support. The Museum Board members took on the task of creating a barn quilt themselves, and have been extremely generous in sharing their facilities for promotion of the trail.

We created a Facebook page to share our excitement in June 2014; we held our first workshop in September; and we have spent much time and effort in researching recommended guidelines for creating the squares, reaching out to residents and business owners with information and support, and discovering and handling the many other details involved in organizing the project.

Since 2015, we have provided over 50 beautiful barn quilts to be viewed and more being made! Each year we continue to hang new barn quilts. We also have a new theme each year to keep our trail full of surprises. Here is a list of some of our themes.
2015 – Grand Opening Tour
2016 – ‘Feastival’
2017 – Fairy Houses
2018 – Gardens
2019 – Bus Tours (see Events page  for more details)
In 2020, our HBQT committee dissolved with the resolve that the Trail and its brochure/map will continue to be updated as well as the website and FaceBook page. We are thrilled that our Trail continues to grow all the time! 

The committee is very grateful to Hammond’s government and civic organizations for their support, and most especially to the citizens of Hammond who have taken this project to heart for the love and beauty of our town.